Feelgood Friday, Matt comes back for more

I shared this mornings cuppa with a return call from Matt Davis. This six minute and 51 second call was far more pleasant than his previous calls, and given the frequency of his calls and his claim to not remember me, either he is stalking me or he has a lot of odd and disgruntled conversations, so mine didn’t stand out. We got into a discussion about staff training, and established exactly where the knowledge gap is in the operatives, regarding this national database on which my details seem to reside and that I wish them to be removed from. It took me back to my old days in University seminars, as I started to hear the penny clatter on his desk as it dropped and he realised he has been fed and was repeating a load of gonads. Maybe he is a bright boy after all. I have asked him to get his training department to call me next time so I can give them a few pointers. When he hung up, he was very polite and wished me a nice day!


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