It’s Magic

I am very disappointed in Callum, hanging up after just 57 seconds, I was just getting into my stride on how the shop was entirely powered by magic.

Not to worry, Shona has called back, she told me that I am being silly and live in fairy tale land, and that my shop cannot possibly run on magic and the heating be powered by a dragon. She is clearly a muggle if she thinks that I can get gas from a dragon! She said I wasn’t being helpful and I was rude, calling her a muggle, so I asked if she had been to Hogwarts which apparently she had not, so I rest my case, muggle, I did ask if she was from the ministry of magic trying to trick me, she didn’t deny that she was from the ministry, but said “we aren’t trying to trick anyone madam”.
Interestingly, this afternoon the mancunian boys and girls are claiming to be from the registrations department at energy search. Another non existent company based in Manchester with the same script.


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