Back by popular demand

As my family and friends, customers and colleagues will probably know, there is a naughty group of boys and girls in Manchester who scam small businesses into signing up to expensive electricity accounts, by “registering their meter” when they move to a new premises.

Last year I couldn’t beat them so I joined them by creating some fun out of the calls, and finally, after this blog was published and a disclaimer produced on the website of a bone fide professional company called Commercial Utilities, they retreated back into the woodwork and left me alone. BUT I now discover that they had simply risen like the phoenix from the ashes. (Ashes being an interesting idea as I heard from an ex employee that tells me that the scammers are rewarded with a line of coke when they reach target).

They are now calling themselves Energy Search, still doing the meter registration scam and after two calls yesterday and one this morning, it seems they are back on my case.  Here we go again.


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