Introducing Natalie from Energy Search

This mornings call was from Natalie, from the meter registrations team at Energy Search. I was earnestly assured that I had recently moved premises and that my meter wasn’t registered.  I asked her where she had got this information from, and apparently it was from “the main system”.  Her pretty little Mancunian accent assured me that all energy suppliers use “The main System”. it lists all of the commercial premises and shows when a meter isn’t registered.

I asked her who owned this “Main System”. Se didn’t know. Did she think it was a government owned system? If all of the energy companies were working together on it surely there should be some umbrella company responsible for it?. I explained to Natalie we were going to have to get to the bottom of this as who ever owned the main sytem and was responsible for the data on it, had got it wrong. This was what the data protection act was designed for – we needed to find out who was providing my erroneous data and to get them to put it right.

She was starting to get a bit shirty, so I came clean and told her that I had come across her lot before and that there have been prosecutions for mis-selling energy by dodgy means, and in many cases, employers argue that some of the fraudulent techniques used are not their policy or training but the work of their employees.  Thus putting the individuals in the frame for fraud.  I suggested she got out of their quick whilst the going was good – as it was only a matter of time before this operation went belly up too.  I asked did she really go to her careers advisor and tell them she dreamed of a life in telesales? Trying to trick small business owners into unnecessary and expensive energy accounts by telling them they were unregistered or paying premium rates, when they had no evidence of this? Perhaps there was something else she could do? maybe something that contributed to society? Something worthwhile? She told me she was very happy in her job,  and didn’t want to leave. So, when Energy search are investigated I look forward to seeing Natalie’s name in the list of people knowingly committing fraud.


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