Telesales Training 101 for Energy Search – learn to use the hold button.

Yesterday, I had a couple of calls from Energy Search, telling me I was in new premises and needed to register my meter. Looks like I am back on their target list. One of the happy bunch seemed to think I was lying when I told him I wasn’t, apparently it must be true because it was on “Datafeed”. I asked the poor unfortunate to furnish me with copies of my records, as under the Data Protection Act  I am entitled to request copies of any files held on me.  He decided to ask his line manager, but didn’t put me on hold.

Frankly, I hope he doesn’t last there, because it was excruciating to hear the aggressive and personal response he got from his colleague, he may have been a bit dopey to believe all the guff he was spouting, but no one should be abused in the work place by their own line manager!.

Today when Natalie called she also decided to consult her manager – without using the hold button, and I heard her being told to “get rid of her”. Meanwhile I could hear some other victim being told they had to register their meter by law.

I guess it might take a while to get the new “meter registrations team” bedded in?


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