Who are these people that want to register my meter and what are their connections with Fleetwood FC

A quick bit of googling told me a few choice details about my current tormentors. Their accents are possibly not Mancunian but Lancastrian it seems and closer to Fleetwood. Rather than feeling lost and alone, I thought it should be brought to the attention of all small businesses that this is a well known issue.

I found an extremely useful site which brings together information on Energy Search and BES Utilities under one big scamming umbrella and explains the links between the two and gives a voice to people who have been duped by the meter registrations department and Energy Search and its many trading names and found themselves with unnecessary and exorbitant utility contracts (usually with BES Utilities Ltd). Pop over to http://0lly.uk/ and find some very interesting stories.

I was cheered to discover that BES Utilities Ltd have recently been stung with nearly a million pound “Financial Penalty” to include compensation payments. Ofgem report link here

Checking out the BBC5 report on them http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01ghlwp it gave me a bit more background and the association of Andy Pilley wo is both Chairman of Fleetwood FC and BES Utilities Ltd. It was a bit of a shocker – (he did of course object to this broadcast but his objections were not upheld by ofcom)  http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/enforcement/broadcast-bulletins/obb216/obb216.pdf

I did find a mention of this on a Fleetwood FC fansite, but this quickly degenerated into a discussion of what they might like to do to Carole Vordeman, and a nice little video clip of some bouncing breasts – so I don’t think that the fan base are too concerned that their club has been funded by £4m from Pilley, which may or may not have been associated with income from a company just found to be ripping off small businesses, or that there may be a drying up of funds now Andy & Co have to pay up a million quid thanks to Ofgem.  Either way – knowledge is power and the more people who hear about them, the fewer people that will suffer.


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